In Couscous, there are 2 kinds of data:

  • file content (e.g. Markdown, HTML, …)
  • metadata, which is simply an array of variables

Metadata can contain any kind of value and can be attached to:

  • the whole project
  • a specific file

Metadata is used by Couscous to customize the generation process and by templates to customize their content.

Defining metadata

Project metadata is defined in couscous.yml. For example:

    directory: website
title: The website title!

File metadata is defined using YAML front matter (at the top of Markdown files):

category: "Star Wars"
This is my documentation.

However, Couscous will also define both project and file metadata while generating the website. For example, when parsing Markdown files, it will define the content variable (to contain the generated HTML content for the current file).

Metadata reference

Here is a list of all metadata variables automatically defined by Couscous:

  • content: contains the generated HTML content of the current file (Markdown turned to HTML)
  • currentFile: contains the relative name of the current file (e.g. the name of the Markdown file before it is turned to a HTML file)

Remember everything you defined in couscous.yml or in YAML front matter is also available.