This is Couscous
Couscous is good.

Put your documentation online

Couscous turns Markdown documentation into beautiful websites. It's GitHub Pages on steroids.


    Step 1

    Write documentation

    Write your documentation in Markdown inside your repository, versioned with your code. Couscous will turn those Markdown files to HTML.

  • Step 2


    couscous preview will render the website on your machine. Tweak the default template, fix some typos and the changes will be reflected in real time.

  • Step 3


    couscous deploy will publish your website on the gh-pages Git branch. GitHub will automatically put it online and host it for you.

  • Step 4


    Your website is online, just sit back and relax.


Why another static website generator?

Couscous is different from other static websites generators like Sculpin or Jekyll. These are generic static websites generator, sometimes meant for blogs, and using them to put documentation online is clunky. They also all require a specific directory layout which is incompatible with how we usually store documentation alongside our code.

Couscous is built for simplicity.

It has no requirement on your directory layout, it takes a single command to preview the website and a single one to deploy to GitHub pages.


Try it out in one of your projects.

Simply run:

curl -OS
php couscous.phar preview

Please note that as Github is using a DDOS protection system, if using CURL fails, just manually download the phar file.

The website should be running at http://localhost:8000/

Built with Couscous

Have a look at those websites built with Couscous.


Serverless PHP applications on AWS Lambda


The PHP dependency injection container for humans


An easy "line manipulation" PHP lib: jump, insert and do anything!


Confirm dialogs for buttons and links using jQuery and Bootstrap


PHP Template Engine for Native PHP Templates.


Easy to use and well tested PHP7 components.


Open-source PHP script for managing online files and folders.


A PHP work queue library for abstracting backends

Add your own

Send a pull request to add your own.


For those who like feature lists:

Markdown Extra support

Fenced code blocks

Yarn, npm and Bower support

Responsive default templates

Twig templates

YAML configuration

Custom before/after scripts

Syntax highlighting